picture abhi baakhi hai mere dost…

Om Shanti Om at IMDB

I liked the movie. I really liked the movie. I thought it was good. I thought it was very very good.

“But Adnan, you didn’t like Main Hoon Na, and Om Shanti Om isn’t like the drama movies that you prefer”

This is true, I didn’t like Main Hoon Na, but that’s because Main Hoon Na sucked. While Om Shanti Om is good. Sure it’s not a drama, and is “mindless entertainment”, but is good mindless entertainment.

The movie sets up an “anything goes” atmosphere to start off, and thus anything that goes afterwards becomes much more believeable. And it’s very well done as well, it’s not melodramatic, and there are tons of inside jokes along the way.

I would say 9 out of 10, go watch it.

4 thoughts on “picture abhi baakhi hai mere dost…”

  1. highfive to the inside jokes! i loved how self-referential it was.
    i just saw this filum other day (yes, FINALLY), and something made me think you must have seen this already. =)

  2. highfive indeed! i thought it was simply well thought out film making…

    and also i was surprised how many words they found that would rhyme with disco.

    Kal Ho Na Ho had already set a precedence with “kis ko”. They must have had a mathematician come up with “chabbis ko”. Then have a travel agent suggest “san francisco”.

    The movie otherwise was good. =)

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