Sudoku is for people with crossword puzzle envy.

Wikipedia will tell you about the history of the game and the rules. I will tell you why I like it.

I like sudoku because it’s a simple game. You don’t have to know a thousand words and their quirky meanings. You simply need to know:


Not even zero. You think in horizontal, vertical and box. Here, you must think inside, outside and yes even around the box. 🙂

The easy ones can be done within 5 minutes, most of them within 12 minutes, and then there are challenging ones that are nearly impossible to get.

I, personally, use the dot notation and it seems to be working well for me. I don’t like guessing, so if I have exhausted all options and have to guess a number for a box, I won’t bother completing the puzzle, will move on to the next one.

Simple is good. Sudoku is good.

One thought on “sudoku”

  1. some people put in numbers in the corner of a spot to indicate what number it might be. then use pencil and erase if it turns out a certain number is not possible for that spot.

    the dot notation uses dots. so if you suspect a certain spot to possibly be a 1, then you put a dot in the top left corner, 2 would be between top left and top right, top right is 3, middle is a 5, and then bottom right is a 9.

    I only put a dot in a spot if there’s an “either/or” probability. so it’s either this spot or the other one. if the other spot turns out to be a different number, then I know immediately that what number goes in the ‘this’ spot.

    I should post one just about my sudoku strategy from start to end.

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