I avoid mirrors
in which I am present;
instead looking towards
the heavens and the oceans
hoping to catch a glimpse
of your reflection

6 thoughts on “reflection”

  1. I will mention the inspiration for this one.

    The first part comes from the mirror picture taking, where you are in the mirror.

    The second part, it’s from a poem from “Poems of Arab Andalusia” as translated by Cola Franzen.

    Poem is, “Absence” by Abu Bakr al-Turtushi.

  2. ha! so that explains your liking for people-less mirror shots. or rather, photographer-free mirror shots.


    by avoiding your own reflection, aren’t you rejecting immanence (re: sufi thought in particular and mysticism in general)? …unless, of course, you’re referring to a person and not to divinity.

  3. iffat, I wouldn’t look for my reflection in a mirror.
    I wouldn’t look in a mirror to get my reflection.

    and yes, the “your” could/should(?) be “Your”. But I left it lowercase, for interpretation purposes. but it was written as “Your”, for me.

    also I don’t mind photographer mirror shots… as much =)

  4. I wouldn’t look in a mirror to get my reflection.

    what would you look in for your reflection? a puddle of water? a shiny spoon? a dark computer screen?

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