like winning a new life

I’m in the drive-thru line, waiting for my turn at the mic. As fate would have it, I didn’t get this turn. My window was stuck from the wintery freeze coldness, and it just would not come down. Undeterred by fate, I parked in the lot and walked into the actual Tim Hortons. Ordering a medium hot chocolate, a croissant and a chocolate glazed donut to boot (to eat actually).

Of late I’ve been finding things that I’ve been looking for, so I thought it would be really neat if under this rim was a “winner” sign. Unlike other folk, I have no issues finishing my cup before checking. I can wait… for as long as it takes.

I don’t remember where exactly I found out, but I sensed inexplicable joy when it happened. On my first try! When I got to work I placed it on my desk. People walking by or coming over for a chat asked, “oh did you win?”, “I did, I did, I won!”, my excitement still not translating into words, but holding its own in my eyes. “oh yeah? what did you win?”, I could see anticipation building in their eyes now. “I won another coffee!”, my excitement still high and rising. “oh, just a coffee? I thought you won a boat…”, anticipation body count: 4.

So what if I didn’t win a boat? Is my excitement not justified? First of all, I won on the first try. Second of all, I won another cup! It’s like winning another life, one cup from another cup. This is awesome. I don’t understand why folk are disappointed by my level of excitement.  Why don’t /you/ go win a boat? I’ll enjoy my moments with another life. Thank you very much.

But my luck with the cups doesn’t end here. Two “please try again”s later, I won again. Guess what I won? Don’t try too hard, I’ll just tell you. Yes, I won yet another life. That is 2 wins in 4 tries. Those are very very good odds.

Though the second time, to avoid killing anticipations, I kept the winning cup safely hidden. I’m yet to claim my prizes.

4 thoughts on “like winning a new life”

  1. I am currently drinking a medium french vanilla. And since I have been publically chastised for rolling up the rim before finishing my drink. I will now proceed to finish the entire contents, THEN roll it up.

    will update on my winnings.

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