The Count of Monte Cristo

From October 2003:

Name: The Count of Monte Cristo
Directed By: Kevin Reynolds
Written By: Alexandre Dumas, Jay Wolpert
Type: Adventure, Action, Drama
Year: 2002
Starring: James Caviezel, Guy Pearce

I haven’t read the book of the same name written by Dumas. But I’ll put it on my ever increasing list of books to read. For a person who doesn’t read many books, I like carrying this list around.

Back to the movie. It’s about an innocent man Edmond Dantes(Caviezel) and how he’s tricked and deceived into his imprisonment by people he knew and trusted.

Adventure, action and revenge, this movie is stuffed with all this and more. James Caviezel delivers a wonderful performance and Guy Pearce plays the jealous Fernand Mondego very well.

Rating: 9 out of 10
I truly enjoyed the movie, very very entertaining. it’s a movie made to watch.

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  1. i lent the dvd to a co-worker nearly 2 and a half years ago. he recently saw the movie last month and returned the dvd a couple of weeks ago.

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