getting back in the groove

I spent most of last night investigating setup and environments for web development in Rails (ruby) and Django (python). I like Ruby as a language, I like how it flows. I still need to delve further into Python, primarily because it’s named after the Monthy Python series. That is enough for it to deserve my attention.

I also kept switching between Windows and Linux environments. I’d prefer to work in Windows because… that’s my main operating system on the laptop right now (though some will argue why I have it in such a state). I’m running VMWare that allows me to run Linux inside Windows, so it’s still good. I’ll start using meebo for browser based instant messaging. The issue with Windows is that I’d want an IDE to work with. With Linux, I’m comfortable with the command line and Vim. So it’s works out smoother.

I think I’ll just go with Windows being the main OS, a Linux virtual machine, and development in Linux. It’s likely that any production environment will be Linux, so it only makes sense.

I haven’t done any heaving programming in my free time in a long time, and I need to get back to it. I’m high on certain notions, that I’d better get into motion, before the the driving passion dies down (yes, I tried to make this sentence as cheesy as possible).

But in either case, this is good.

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