This is from a couple of months ago at work. I was in the kitchen getting a tea refill, being careful not to get burnt, when I noticed word magnets on the fridge. These magnets were part of some wedding vows package, you were supposed to make wedding vows with these words. I found the fridge in this state:

all the words

I decided I would play this game. So put arranged a few magnets in this order:

joy us, sad me

One of my co-workers/friends who was caught a glimpse of this came by and said, “that’s some deep shit”. Then she modified it to:

have wife, sad me

So I said, “whoa, wait a minute!”:

have husband, sad me

Laughter ensued. I continued:

work time, sad me

And then:

soul poorer, sad me

“Deep shit”, she said again. I kept going:

we poorer, sad me

“Not bad, but you’re losing steam”… Oh is that right? take this:

marry me, sad we

“Hahahaha”, much laughter again.

Then a few weeks later, I thought I’d give it another go. This time:

Wait… let’s try this:

Okay, what about this:

One more time:

“Hmmm… needs more cowbell”, I thought, forgetting to take the tea back with me to my desk.

11 thoughts on “magnets”

  1. 1. you’re insane.

    2. it’s pretty lame that people would use fridge magnets to write wedding vows. Although I am a fan of fridge magnet poetry.

  2. I disagree with Asmaa’s assessment of your sanity. I think this was such a fun post – probably one of my favorites of all your posts – and amusingly creative. Loved the step-by-step photo-documentation of your changing-up of magnets.

    I saw this post the other day, and forgot to comment, and then I remembered it again while I was driving home from somewhere this afternoon, and it made me smile. So thank you, because I really needed that. =)

  3. i was here this morning, and was disconcerted to see your ‘recent comments’ section on the sidebar gone. so i figured you must be fiddling around with the template.

    and now i come back, and it’s all different!
    this is just to say: i LIIIIKE!

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