Krazy 4 – I got 20 minutes in, until the “item number” song. sorry, you lost me there. I thought the intros of the characters were pretty good, direction and camera work seemed to be done well. But… no.

Black & White – I’m not sure why I kept giving this movie a chance. The new kid, Anurag Sinha, acted well for the role he was portraying. BUT… the second time he shot someone for saying something, I had to stop watching. no.

Race – I wasn’t really interested in watching this one at all, but people kept saying good things about twists and turns and all. This movie lasted 10 minutes. Anil Kapoor didn’t even finish his intro-narration, and I had no interest in the characters. Yes, Saif Ali Khan jumps off a hot air balloon into an unmanned car, falls directly into the driver’s seat and stops the car right just before it comes to the edge of a cliff. Ummm… no.

One thought on “no”

  1. What about “123” ?

    BTW: I agree with yr review on “race” – all masala, glamour and sex&city stuff..Twists didn’t attract me. Anil kapoor wasted himself.

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