This is from a couple of months ago at work. I was in the kitchen getting a tea refill, being careful not to get burnt, when I noticed word magnets on the fridge. These magnets were part of some wedding vows package, you were supposed to make wedding vows with these words. I found the fridge in this state:

all the words

I decided I would play this game. So put arranged a few magnets in this order:

joy us, sad me

One of my co-workers/friends who was caught a glimpse of this came by and said, “that’s some deep shit”. Then she modified it to:

have wife, sad me

So I said, “whoa, wait a minute!”:

have husband, sad me

Laughter ensued. I continued:

work time, sad me

And then:

soul poorer, sad me

“Deep shit”, she said again. I kept going:

we poorer, sad me

“Not bad, but you’re losing steam”… Oh is that right? take this:

marry me, sad we

“Hahahaha”, much laughter again.

Then a few weeks later, I thought I’d give it another go. This time:

Wait… let’s try this:

Okay, what about this:

One more time:

“Hmmm… needs more cowbell”, I thought, forgetting to take the tea back with me to my desk.

my greatest trick

sometimes i wish i would just face that fear,
but don’t we all have our bones to pick?
though sometimes i wish i could just disappear,
would that not be my greatest trick?

but i want to be here, there’s much to see,
moments i have not yet met.
i think if i would just share more of me,
that would be my greatest effect.