what could be

it’s like i just left ‘what could have been’ and haven’t gotten to ‘what could be’. it’s like i’m in purgatory.

7 thoughts on “what could be”

  1. god.
    me, too.

    could we all perhaps have a conversation about this in toronto in july, akin to that ‘money does/doesn’t buy happiness’ one? that one was pretty life-changing. i need another kick-in-the-ass convo like that.

  2. well, in summary:

    1. i argued that No, money doesn’t buy happiness
    2. i argued that yaser should quit his job, since he hated it so much, even if they paid him well
    3. he asked me, ‘so. do you like YOUR job?’
    4. i said, No – and realized i had to end that misery, once and for all
    5. i came back from TO and submitted my resignation two weeks later

    and that was that.
    now i’m in this limbo/purgatory stage.

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