life is like a box of chocolates

they always had issues
trying to communicate
she was always punctual
but he was always late

she wanted to talk flowers
but he always thought rockets
she told him to get a life
he got her a box of chocolates

7 thoughts on “life is like a box of chocolates”

  1. @anjum – haha, no comment. =)

    actually, maybe it’s always too little, but never too late? I’m not sure how this ends.

    @kk, thanks. =)

  2. this reminds me of tim burton’s poem “Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love” i shared with you people not too long ago:

    Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
    he liked her a lot.
    He liked her cute figure,
    he thought she was hot.

    But could a flame ever burn
    for a match and a stick?
    It did quite literally;
    he burned up pretty quick.

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