voices that rise

this one’s for you

these are the voices that rise
that come in on a tide
on top a wave
to make you cave
under the pressing weight
of your absurdities
can you hear
the voices that rise?

these are the voices that listen
even against the ticking clock
they sit down and talk
but when time runs out
they stand up and shout
when will you listen
and stop ignoring
the voices that rise?

it comes as no shock nor surprise
your attempts to criminalize dissent
your minds bent
upon keeping at bay
thoughts that resent
your illusions of progress.
this, reflected on the faces
of the cops that you rent
to keep silent
the voices that rise.

lord knows it’s a shame
when you can’t hold fort
you run for the courts
manufacturing lies
that ruin lives
to serve the few
you bend what’s true
so fuck you
as you try and subdue
the voices that rise.

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