asking for… a human touch

though we asked for just a letter,
from you, we had expected better
we want words
that will make our minds drift
and our hearts blink
but please, not words
from a printer’s ink

jab tak haathoon mein hai jaan,
un haathoon se likh meri jaan
lafz jo dum se likhe ho
tere khalam se likhe ho.

(p.s. we’re not asking for
a song or a tune,
but now you must scent
the letter with perfume)


One thought on “asking for… a human touch”

  1. thanks zb, you are too kind. but have you seen the “se”s… each one looks different. my hand was literally shaking every time i wrote that word… i thought for a moment i should redo it. meh… this is also the first letter i have /written/ in a very long time. lord only knows when the last time was…

    also, taking from the last xkcd comic… if you read the last two words of each line, it’s interesting:

    hai jaan
    meri jaan
    likhe ho
    likhe ho

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