the iron ring

So, yes, I took it off. I don’t wear it on my finger anymore. I carry it in my wallet.

It was the only piece of jewelry I was wearing and I suppose it got attention as a result.

It happened at the doctor’s office. It happened when I was playing basketball, and it happened when I was at parties/gatherings. It happened when a political candidate (brown person) was doing door-to-door campaigning and started talking to me about engineering, and how his cousins and nephews are engineers etc etc… which I really don’t need to hear. And some other incidents I care not discuss, and these incidents I really don’t need either.

So really, the ring was serving a completely different purpose (what purpose it was supposed to serve, I don’t know anymore). But it felt too much like, “look at me, i’m engineering”. So as happens in The Lord of The Rings, I destroyed it! Well… not really.

I took it off. And it’s in my wallet.

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