jasmine green tea

i can’t seem to find it anywhere any more. while i was at my previous job i was constantly rotating between honey lemon ginseng and jasmine green tea, both tetley products. that started once i got back from india. in the india office it was either your normal chai or 7up, and i switched between the two. but once i got back, i actively decided to let go of cold drinks and go with just green tea. this was made highly convenient because the coffee machine had a hot water tap.

but where i work now, it’s not so easy. there is no instant boiling water tap. so i need to wait for the water to boil in one of them water boiling devices. it took me a while to bring my mugs to work. i guess that was part of the moving over phase, it took me a long while to bring anything that was really mine to work. the mugs, books, hats etc. i haven’t gone so far as to take the hats and walking stick to work. i’m not that comfortable there.

to top things off, it seems that tetley has decided to stop selling the jasmine green tea. this complicates matters, as much as i like honey lemon ginseng, the smell is not quite jasmine, nor is the taste. i’ve checked multiple stores, with no luck.

the cafeteria three floors up has lipton (i think, not sure) tea. and it’s… awful. i’ve tried the plain green tea and the jasmine green tea… and it’s no good.

i need to find an alternative. a good alternative.

i tried yaser’s recommendation. it’s not bad, but it’s not green tea. i had lipton’s earl grey from the caf this morning. no milk or sugar, of course. again, not bad, but not quite happening.

i’ll try and hit up numi’s green teas on the way back home today.

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