i like circles
circular motions
revolving doors
planetary rotations
i like circles
ferris wheels
and carousels
such dizzying notions
i like circles
the sun
the moon
and what’s in between
the stars i have not yet seen
i like circles
circular references
things that end
in the same way
they begin
i like circles

7 thoughts on “circular”

  1. I’m sorry, the only thing I could picture was that small chinese dude from “I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry” going “love is like a circle.”


  2. @beanay – thanks. =)

    @asmaa – i can imagine a white pastor/priest person saying “i now pronounce you asmaa and safiyyah” all the while pronouncing your names incorrectly.

    also, that dude is not really chinese.

    also, the fact that you even thought of that movie at all, i have marked you as a person of questionable taste.

  3. “I now pronounce you asthma and safya.” But no, I don’t lean that way.

    And I’ve always had questionable taste, and questionable everything else, so I have no problems with that label 😀

  4. this is good…like that sliced lemon that you held up and I said: “that’s not a circle” and then you slid to side of table proclaiming for all: “now you can’t tell”

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