not so many words

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I had been wanting to take this picture for months now. But as it were, and as it usually is, ideas remain thoughts. But this time, I figured it was time.

I like it.

14 thoughts on “not so many words”

  1. Very good photograph. You look like my friend Ramesh Bairy. It seems there are seven people similar in appearance in this world and here you are I found a friend in you!

  2. Glad to see you taking actions on your thoughts… reality terrorist boot camp.. let’s get this going… 🙂

  3. @ravi – at some point i thought it was, but i don’t think the world is really ready for that yet.

    @michel – jokingly?

    @maria – i actually didn’t know who that was until i clicked on that link. i’m afraid i’m very poorly read in poetry, literature and the like. urdu, english or otherwise. =/

  4. maria, i just read up on ahmed faraz via that link. and my God. his mohasra is ..
    subhanAllah. peace to him and his.

    do you know where i can find the original urdu text of faraz’s mohasra? the youtube version where he is reciting live is mindblowingly inundated by wah, wahs!

    and shukreya, mere dost — with the news of his passing, you’ve left us with his poetry (:

  5. Zb, not quite sure where you’d be able to find more of his collection actually..
    And the youtube videos, it’s actually Mehdi Hassan singing and not Ahmed Faraz – one of the awesome ghazal singers!

  6. so that’s who mehdi hassan is (:
    i was asking anjum of barsaat about him the other day. she likes his musiq, too.

    but yes, thank you, maria (:
    also: you and i should become friends. i have already started perusing your blog. and it’s ok, adnan can vouch for me — i’m relatively harmless.

    and faraz’s mohassra, now that it is elusive online, i must find it elsewhere.

  7. I don’t think he’d like this diversion away from his precious picture post, but okay sure, you’re welcome in my territory at your own risk, as Ashleigh Brilliant would say.
    There isn’t much to my blog, and I don’t post a lot of shaeri, lol.. sorry.

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