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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. This is a reference check form that the co-worker who referred me to this job filled out.

Note: I didn’t know he had this in him. I think he was being too kind. I was hired.

1. How long have you professionally known him/her?
Over 3 years.

2. What was the working relationship?
We worked together at [Old company name].

3. What were his/her duties/responsibilities?
In charge of keeping up the right ratio of ethnic stereotypes and magic tricks.

4. How would you describe his/her personality?

5. How does he/she interact with others?
Usually makes fun of them.

6. How would you evaluate his/her communication skills?
Never talked to him. He refused to look at me.

7. How would you rate his/her technical skills? Why?
Doesn’t really know too much, but great at pretending.

8. Has he/she ever put in a situation where he/she had to deal with change? If so, how did he/she handle it?
He was asked to build a page once and had a nervous breakdown. He almost went postal at the office.

9. Was he/she able to meet deadlines?
He doesn’t really know what deadlines are. No one trusted him enough to actually give him any work.

10. Was he/she ever promoted?
Demoted 3 times. He also cleans the toilets now.

11. How would you describe his/her ability to set goals and priorities?
Not that great. His main goal in life is to meet Barney.

12. Can you comment on his/her ability to solve problems?
Very good. He is the 3 time Sudoku champion.

13. What sort of work do you think best suits his/her abilities?
Professional shoemaker.

14. If you were in the position to rehire him/her, would you?
Absolutely. You always need someone at the office to make fun off.

15. What are his/her overall strengths?
One of the best I have ever seen at demoralizing and making fun of people.

16. What are his/her weaknesses?
Too many to list at this point. I’ll start a blog.

17. If you were to advise his/her new boss, what advice would you give regarding him/her?
Don’t piss him off….

One thought on “reference check”

  1. @asmaa – what’s the job?

    @yasmine – sudoku is the uncrossword puzzle. to do crosswords you need memory, to do sudoku you need logic.

    @bb_aisha – i’m actually not that good. i can do the easy ones fast.

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