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  1. I am doing fine. and how are you doing?

    First of all, your comment is awesome in that it expresses what you’re feeling even if it may not be palatable to the blogger. I wish more people did that.

    To answer your question:
    Why don’t you post and discuss something related to the current financial crisis that has gripped the world economy?

    Because I don’t think me being involved in discussing this matter will change anything. It may however improve my own understanding of the matter. But I already do this by reading the countless others who’ve already done this. So my point is that there are numerous other places where this discussing is taking place, I don’t feel any pressing need to spawn another discussion here.

    You and your circle of friends appear to be a disgruntled lot incapable of making something meaningful out of existence!

    It’s possible that this is very true. Have you made your existence meaningful? Do you have any suggestions (apart from discussing the economic situation)?

    Also, you may be wrong, though I gather this to be a rare occurrence.

    I have watching closely the kind of post and comments that pour in! Sounds ridiculous!

    This says more about you than it does about us.

    Please don’t stop voicing your opinion, it may be the only way to correct it.

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