agar kuch aitebaar ho, to karo
thoda aur intezaar kar sako, to karo
koi aayega, woh dastak liye aayega

dil ko aaram de sako, to do
dil ki awaaz dhoondho, phir sunoo
dil to dil hai, dhak dhak kiye jaayega

zindagi ki rah pe chal sako, to chalo
zinda-dili ka raqs kar sako, to karo
waqt to darya hai, behta chala jaayega

akaash pe urr sako, to uro
sitaron ko chu sako, to chu’o
ye karwaan hai, barhta chala jaayega

ab saansein na baitho pakar
chor do agar ho koi dar
koi aayega, woh dastak liye aayega

in collaboration with mystic

One thought on “dastak”

  1. I apologize to you for the rudeness. Not to those two strangers but since you are insisting – yes I apologize them as well for the rudeness. But I part with a message. The mechanics of beehive as I notice is working fine. In the aura of over seduction the participating members of the hive are not realizing that they are accumulating not honey but poison! As an outsider I tried to have a glance at it. I can only make an appeal to the chief mechanic of the hive that is you. So I request you to make sure that what ever you post here you wish shall remain. It is up to your choice. But make sure that your friends stay focussed on their work because many of them happened to be my friends as well. I haven’t received the reply in this blog from people whom I expected will reply but only strangers. Good luck to your ventures. You appear a good hearted man. I accept whatever you brand me because am so at the end of the day.

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