A few months ago I imported all most of the previous posts that had been lost due to constant shifting of blogging software and the long long breaks I took from blogging. Some posts are completely lost.

It isn’t so much that these old posts were great or anything, but I think it offers a complete picture of my insanity. I couldn’t import the comments, that’s where some of the real insanity was. Some posts do make me cringe. I also noticed that there were a lot more spelling mistakes in the older posts, this is simply because back then browser technology didn’t have built-in spell checking.

Anyway, I’ve pulled out some of the posts that I found interesting and/or fun:
A moment of silence – 2002/03/29
Quote of the Day – 2002/05/15
did somebody say ‘bon voyage’? – 2003/08/19 (cringe worthy, yet comical)
hello – 2003/10/25 (my favourite of the old ones)
insane in the… – 2003/11/04
jokes – 2005/06/14
Who am talking to? – 2005/09/01
TV Commercials – 2005/09/06 (hahaha)

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