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  1. oh, yeah? i think you’re a pretty good listener, actually – based off my experiences, at least.

    but maybe you’re one of those problem-solving kind of listeners? the type who busts out with interrogative, probing questions in order to pinpoint and fix the problem, rather than just listening quietly?

  2. ahhhh re-reading now, and i missed the point the first time around, clearly!

    how come i understand things better at nearly 1am than i do at 5pm? sigh.

    okay, carry on.

  3. youre a joke explainer, adnan. Understand and accept this as your lot in life. We, the highly witted are doomed to this fate, and we hold these truths to be self-evident.

  4. to set the record clear, i didn’t explain anything.

    but also, even if no one understood the line, i think it is both funny and telling. it simply is a good line, regardless of whether it is understood by anyone at all.

    in general what i say is a lot funnier to me in my brain than it is to the other people, and sometimes other people will get it right and they will laugh with me.

    i think it is okay to explain a comic experience if someone would like an explanation. But blank faces don’t always mean that people want to know more. it may just mean that you should move on.

    in brief, i would like to say that i am funny. i tried to be modest, but in the end decided that it is more important to be honest. but my opinion of my comedic abilities is not just based on my perception of myself, no, it is based on an objective study of myself that was conducted independently. i conducted this study on my own.

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