letters from iwo jima

I saw both Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima this weekend.

All I can mainly say is wow. I actually have not seen too many war films for me to be able to draw comparisons. I should probably see Saving Private Ryan and some other war movies (any recommendations?).

I like the perspective that Flag of Our Fathers takes, how it depicts the war on the ground itself and how it tackles what it is to be a “hero”. But at the same time, I thought it was somewhat confusing to follow with the Doc character narrating and his son interviewing. Perhaps that could have been better handled, though I don’t know how.

Letters from Iwo Jima was just unnerving. I wonder if the downplay of colour in the movie was a pre-production or post-production decision. Seems to have worked out really well. I liked the fashion in which this story was told better, and I suppose the letters narrative makes it more compelling. The story itself here was more gripping than Flags, though perhaps it is this way by design? Letters deals with questions of honour (suicide), and the treatment of POWs and leadership etc.

All together so well directed and edited. I need to dig up more Clint Eastwood movies. This guy is unreal.

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