not knowing where to go
not knowing where to be
i choose to be a follower
in search for the leader in me

i know it won’t be easy
and as crazy as it seems
i choose to be a follower
a follower of my dreams

8 thoughts on “follower”

  1. You know, in the context of the elections, this is just brilliant. In the end, we are in charge of our own destinies, and nobody else will care more for our dreams than we do.

  2. @owl – the moment i posted it the cash started flowing in. a few more like this and someone is bound to hire me as their jingle writer.

    @faiqa – i’ve never been accused of brilliance before. that certainly was not my intention. i am offended.

    @beanay – thanks.

  3. ok, I hate unconstructive criticism. So here goes: I don’t like ‘crazy’ in that line, try another one and get back to me.

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