in transit

Scene 1

Person1 is sleeping in the corner seat in the subway car. Person2 is sitting adjacent to Person1 and reading a newspaper. The subway car comes to a station, the doors open, Person2 is still reading the paper. The chimes go off to indicate that the doors are closing. Person2 realizes that this is their stop. “Oh shit!”, says Person2 before they drop the newspaper on the floor and run towards the doors.

Scene 2

Person3 walks into the subway car. Sits in front of the paper and starts to read it without picking it off the floor.

Scene 3

Person4 and Person5 are reading the paper and start having a discussion over one of the articles.

Scene 4

Person6 (guy) and Person7 (girl) are sitting next to each other, both reading that paper. Person7 goes to turn the page but Person6 interrupts, “I’m still reading.”

They strike up a conversation and at the end Person7 decides to give Person6 her number. She has a pen, but nothing to write on. “You have a piece of paper?”, she asks. Person6 searches his pockets and finds nothing. Person6 decides to tear off a piece of the newspaper and Person7 writes down her number.

Scene 5

The subway car comes to a stop at a station. Person1, sleeping all this time, is startled. The chimes go off. Person1 realizes this is their stop. “Oh Shit!”, says Person1 and runs towards the doors. Person1 steps on the newspaper and slips and falls to the floor.

The doors close.


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