Ghajini (2008)

I was actually interested to see how an Indianized version of Memento would turn out.

The start of Ghajini was totally disappointing. Everything from the camera angles, to the exaggerated fighting to the overacting. I stopped watching at about the 17 minute mark after the film turned into a 3 minute expose of Aamir Khan’s body. I can’t stand movies that treat the audience as stupid, this movie seemed to be one of them.

Another thing that annoys me is when people don’t credit “inspiration”. You just have to come out and say, “inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Memento”. Please, please, please treat the audience as if they have intelligence. Thank you.

If someone did see the movie, and if it somehow magically turns out to be good, please let me know.

One thought on “ghajini”

  1. i just saw it the other day and does it suck. so apparently, the director made a tamil version of the same movie before making this one, both of them being /inspired/ by memento. oddly enough, critics agree that the hindi remake is better than the tamil one. all of that still doesn’t undo what it’s done to memento. darn it.

    this movie’s crappiness aside, here’s where aamir khan is wrong: he focuses on the moustachio (mangal panday), stubby muscularity showcased in tight pants and rolled up shirt sleeves (ghajini), and stolen haircuts and attempts at coolness of movie ideas (taare…). maybe he should just stick to doing the formulaic, expected bollywood stuff, but doing it /well/.

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