your neighbour’s house – part 1

Your neighbour’s house is burning, what do you do?
(I’ll get to that question in another post).

So there are people dying in Gaza. I hear 50% of them are women and children, this means the other 50% are men. There are a number of good resources as to what you can do.

There is also this: It allows you to find your government representative and send them an email (letter). There are American, Canadian and British versions.

So go ahead, use it. But don’t stop there. Pass it on, forward emails, blog about it, post it in message boards etc. Don’t spam, participate.

(To be continued…)

One thought on “your neighbour’s house – part 1”

  1. Can I just say, I hate it when stats identify the number of women and children who have been killed, as if it’s more justifiable to kill innocent men!

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