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I’ve had a couple of instant messaging conversations (chats, the kids call them these days) in the past week that I would like to share. I am using only their first names to “protect” their (un)important identities.

The preamble to this one is that I was chatting with a friend but messages weren’t getting through. So I tried sending a message to someone else:


me: test
Artin: test successfully failed
me: your face is fail.
Artin: Now that’s the Adnan we all know and love
me: =)
this, i’m going to blog, or something.

In my attempts to be more social, Todd and I were supposed to visit this techie meet-up thing.


Todd: I’m still planning on going, but I may be late. Our release got bumped to tomorrow
me: oh
geez todd, i don’t like socializing with people.
Todd: ha! You’re a regular schmoozer. Just bring the cards 😉
me: i don’t like new people.
Todd: just don’t tell them that
me: fine, i won’t.

Then again with Todd on the day of the meet-up:


me: so we’re still good for 6:30?
Todd: 7:30 would be more likely
me: you should be ashamed of yourself.
the thing starts at 7.
Todd: fashionably late?
me: i don’t do fashion.
Todd: That much was obvious
me: i’m going to blog this conversation.

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  1. thank you kindly, friend! =)
    now, how do you and i fix our comments so that people get notifications when other people have commented on the same comment thread? this must be done.

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