b is for bad poetry

A couple of friends gifted me “B is for Bad Poetry” in order to commemorate the anniversary of my birth. This is a fantastic book. Witty, hilarious, crazy, stupid and bad. All balled into a book. I recommend this to anyone who is not a “OMG!!! that’s not poetry because the metres are all off! NO WAY! DIE NON-TRADITIONAL POETRY!” type person.

Inspired by the poems in this book, I’ve tried to follow in its footsteps. This is not to say what I wrote before wasn’t bad. I’m sure it is. The thought that allows me to share what I’ve written is believing that what I have written is bad. But moreover, all of what is written is bad. If I tried to achieve some sort of standard of “good”, it would be very unlikely that I would write anything, and if I did, it would be highly unlikely that I would share it. Lest it not be “good”. I simply can’t be bothered trying to be good in this matter.

I will post a series of lines that follow in the style of what is in “B is for Bad Poetry”. I’ve posted most of these on facebook, but some of them I have not. And yes, these lines will probably be no different than those before.

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