banners of old

The banners on the blog used to rotate. I took a bunch of pictures back in January/February 08 and figured I’d set one of them as the site banner. But then I realized it would be neat if every so often the banner automatically changed. When I converted to this minimal design the banners disappeared.

torn card

I really like this. When I moved the site to the blog had a default banner with the template I chose. Eventually I decided to change it. So I started to think of “magic” related banners. I pulled out a card, put it on the carpet and took a couple of shots. Then it sort of hit me, that I could tear the card and that would possibly create a powerful image. At first the torn pieces were aligned, and then I turned one slightly.

This misalignment – I like it.

all but a butterfly

This picture has a story. I was walking to get lunch one day and a white butterfly started to fly alongside me. It then came in front of me, did a 360º around me and then flew away. Somewhere along the way I also turned 360º with it. This made me smile a lot.

I found this butterfly floating around a few days later. It’s a shame that I didn’t know how to work the controls on my camera to get a better picture.

I absolutely love how this is such a strong contrast to “torn card”. Card on the right vs butterfly on the left. Dark vs light. Carpet vs grass. There is so much more you can pull out. I love it.

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