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Some people are looking for a sign that will take them to Heaven. I'm content with a sign that guides me here.

I was out with a couple of friends the other day, and even though I live here, I had trouble finding my way around. I have reason to believe that I was born with a directional disability. I was advised that I look for and follow the signs around me. The advice was, of course, meant in the literal sense. There are boarded signs all around us; on the roads and in our paths. With arrows and numbers they tell us where and how far certain places are. If you miss a sign, no worries, just backtrack. This helps us determine the directions we must pursue.

Taking a step back, however, we can see signs in a whole new light. look for and follow the signs around me. The profundity of that statement is not lost on me. I can see the boarded signs, as they are embodied in a physical form. It is the unboarded signs that elude me. The signs and signals that continually manifest themselves in one form or another, but without clarity. Their subtlety is lost on me.

Furthermore, the trouble when dealing with signs from above. Those that come from God. I have enough trouble parsing the signs from people and plants. How can I deal with the signs from The Deity? This is troublesome because the other day I prayed to God for a sign. After waiting for a sign (and not seeing any), I prayed for the ability to see a sign. This is a complicated business.

So, dear God, I implore you, send me a sign I can see, send me a sign I can touch. If You think I’m asking for too much, send me a sign, and I won’t.

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