under new management

Things are changing. This blog is under new management. New content management, that is. No longer using WordPress.

After years and year and years of wanting to make my own blogging system (this is even before blogging was popular), I finally have something I’m going to use.

It has no features, no templating, no previewing posts, no media management, no plugins, no stats tracking, and no this that or the other. It’s simple as heck and I’m going to add features as I need/want them. Oh, right now, it has no commenting either. But I will soon implement that feature. Archives and search are also missing. They are also on the list.

Another change is that I’m also running this on Amazon’s EC2. This blog is officially on the cloud. Other technologies: Ruby on Rails for the framework and MongoDB for the database.

More information as it becomes available.

Here we go. =)

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