studying is the opposite of stuliving

I am supposed to be studying. And between the spaces, I am. During the spaces I’m spacing out. I find myself staring at the number ‘880’. I’m sure there is no significance to it. The 8’s can be rotated 90 degrees to form the infinity symbol. Infinity lasts forever, by definition. Perhaps that means something, but I doubt there is any significance to it. I’m staring at the number, marvelling at the fact that I can see it at all. That too with such clarity. Someone had to conceive the number for this example problem. Ink was used to print it onto this piece of paper. Rays of light are bouncing off of the paper and ink into my eyes. Some kinds of signals are being sent between my eyes and brain. Neurons are firing. Clearly, a lot of stuff is going on. All systems go, I can see the number.

I am here, marvelling at the fact that I can see it.

Spaces close and dying flows. Back to studying.

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