Sometimes I will speak in broken grammar to people who were sleeping but are half-awake. I quite enjoy it. It also might be a form of torture.

Sometimes I wonder whether birds ever wonder what it would be like to walk like humans. I often wonder what it would be like to fly like a bird.

Sometimes I can’t get enough of the sounds of laughter but sometimes I can’t stand them – just the sounds themselves. Though I suppose it is better to have the sounds than not.

Sometimes I like to listen in to conversations of strangers who are trying to make sense. Sometimes I will listen in even when they are not trying to make sense. It’s fairly safe to say that sometimes I like to listen in to strangers’ conversations. And also stranger conversations.

Sometimes I will say “have a weekend” to people on a Friday, have them say “you have a good weekend, too,” and feel like I one-upped them.

Sometimes I will say “have a good weekend” to people on a Thursday or a Wednesday just to see how they react. Sometimes I will lie about the time.

Sometimes I will say something and then repeat it in my head (sometimes more than once). I have a feeling many people do this.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if those with shelter had all the umbrellas and those in the rain had none. Then I realize I don’t have to really wonder much to see it.

Sometimes I think a lot and say nothing. Sometimes I think little and say a lot. Sometimes I do both.

Sometimes I wish the earth had more moons. Just one or two more (not asking for much) and all visible at the same time. Sometimes I wonder whether I would wish for more moons even if there were more moons. But either way, the single one will do.

yunhi kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai


Preamble: I had sent a few links to this friend via MSN.

Ron: do you do any work other then send links and update facebook?
me: not really.
me: i have to sit here and look pretty. that takes effort.
Ron: for you that takes lots of effort
me: oh, snap!
me: i should blog this conversation.