why i love you so.

smelling the hint of spring in a cool winter breeze and how it makes me feel alive.

the purple shade of your leaves as they leave to die.

sailor moon smoking a cigarette on front street, joined by a hundred other cosplay enthusiasts on a sunday afternoon.

humans being dragons that chinese new year’s eve.

a happy lesbian couple holding hands walking down the street. well, i don’t know if they were happy. maybe they’d just had a huge fight and were holding hands as a way to overcompensate and hide their anger. i don’t know, i only saw them passing from across the street. i didn’t have a chance to peek into their souls.

on a rainy ramadan day, a muslim man uses his jaanamaz (prayer rug) to shade himself from the wetness as he runs towards a bus. carrying in his hands the food he will use to break his fast.

all of this over time, but within a mile.

the feeling of living poetry.

toronto, this is why.

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