my opinion, your opinion

If your opinion does not match with my opinion, it’s alright.
Because we’re allowed to have differing opinions.
But if we do have differing opinions, my opinion is always right.
There are never any exceptions to this rule.

In the case that your opinion does match my opinion. Your opinion will be allowed to be right. Although your opinion must first be verified against mine to ensure that it does infact match and is in complete agreement with my opinion. Only then will your opinion be right.

If you would like to have your opinion matched against mine for approval please email your opinion to the following email address :

opinions [at] adnanali [dot] net

If you can’t decipher my email from that, then your opinion is clearly worthless.

Note : it will take about 24 to 48 hours for your opinion to be processed. Please be patient during this time. I assure you that you will eventually get an opinion matching report from me.


terrible, terrible lyrics in the songs of the movie “Kal Ho Na Ho”, I haven’t seen the movie, but I happened to find the CD in the player of the van. I scrolled through the songs looking for a good song. Effort gone in vain.

Terrible terrible lyrics. Did I mention how terrible the lyrics were? It was as if the music was made first and the lyrics made to fit the music. Not to mention the embarrasment of the “Pretty Woman” song. They should be sued.

I can’t believe Javed Akhtar wrote these songs, maybe they didn’t pay him enough and he did it on purpose.

Anyway, I liked one song. Although I haven’t heard all of it. Just the first bit and it goes like this:

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi,
Chau hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindagi,
Har pal yaha gee bhar jiyo,
Jo hai samaa, kal ho na ho.


exams start monday…

this is not good…

I’ve been doing everything apart from actually studying for these exams.

Expect a re-design during a winter break, yes website, I’m talking to you…



I spend 6 hours (3PM – 9PM) on eid and 5 hours (3PM – 5PM) the day after working on my project.

It’s a lego car, controlled by a nintendo game pad. And this car can’t cross what is a ‘virtual wall’. You’ll understand if you see video #2.



Intro (car gets stuck in the wires… grrr):
Link to Intro (15 seconds, 5MB)

‘Virtual Wall’ demonstration:
Link to Demo (15 seconds, 5MB)

Car Dance:
Link to Car Dance(15 seconds, 5MB)

Link to Demo (15 seconds, 5MB)


And a very Eid Mubarak to you too!


I’m running out of clean socks… :/

Testing smiley:



when the going gets boring. the boring get going…

did somebody call?


there’s no such thing as a free pizza…

adnan: on being nice…

Being nice sucks.
Nice people suck.

I hate being nice.
I hate nice people.

insane in the…

Q: if you select the minimum baud rate for the keyboard but the CPU only works at 19.2Kbps then do you have to write a new service routine? Why or why not? Explain briefly.

A: No, handshaking.

Is that brief enough for you?

Doesn’t matter, I didn’t have enough time anyway. I don’t even know if the answer is right.

The midterm (test) had questions that were extremely time consuming… no time left to “Explain briefly.”, or even understand the question.

The last midterm for this course had an average of 60%, without normalization.

Why make the second one so difficult? Where doing 50% of the midterm takes up 90% of the time? This is unjust, immoral and inhuman. Not to mention outright insane. I would report this to Amnesty International had they not banned me.

Studying more wouldn’t have helped me, and I can’t be any smarter than I already am.

All in all, I just hope everyone did bad. Amen.


oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was supposed to be method to my madness…

I left the instructions in the toolshed…

dont’ make that face, you’ll scare your mirror…

it’s taken enough abuse already…

Ramadan Mubarak

To all people who speak a language other than English: Ramadan Mubarak.

To all people who only speak English: Ramadabadaman Mubarak.

(No, I don’t mean to make fun of Ramadan, I’m just spelling it as I would visualize George Bush saying it).


Hello, what is this?

An idea, a thought.

A thought? How can that be? Could it be my own? I haven’t been thinking for a long time. What can explain the presence of this thought?

I am confused, bewildered and even more confused than the first confused in this sentence.

I have seen this somewhere before. Great, now I have to google my mind. As if being confused wasn’t bad enough.

Found. I saw this in a cartoon, an idea in a cartoon.

That’s right, I turned on a light bulb.

Wasn’t me after all.

adnan: I’ve spent more money on you than you’d like to think…
adnan: actually than I’d like to think…
adnan: it’s hurting my head just thinking about it…

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