my opinion, your opinion

If your opinion does not match with my opinion, it’s alright.
Because we’re allowed to have differing opinions.
But if we do have differing opinions, my opinion is always right.
There are never any exceptions to this rule.

In the case that your opinion does match my opinion. Your opinion will be allowed to be right. Although your opinion must first be verified against mine to ensure that it does infact match and is in complete agreement with my opinion. Only then will your opinion be right.

If you would like to have your opinion matched against mine for approval please email your opinion to the following email address :

opinions [at] adnanali [dot] net

If you can’t decipher my email from that, then your opinion is clearly worthless.

Note : it will take about 24 to 48 hours for your opinion to be processed. Please be patient during this time. I assure you that you will eventually get an opinion matching report from me.

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