DateFebruary 27, 2008


maghrib mein ho gareeb, to mashriq mein kya ameer thay
gintee tumhe na wahaan aati thi, na yahaan aati hai

par sukoon ab na raha, raatein khojati hai
neend tumhe na wahaan aati thi, na yahaan aati hai

karti hai baatein tumhari, diloon ko sab ke tang
sharam tumhe na wahaan aati thi, na yahaan aati hai

thodh ke apna ghuroor, karlo khuda ko yaad kabhi
par duaaein tumhe na wahaan aati thi, na yahaan aati hai

Thanks to mystic for contributing the second sher. Although I did modify it a little. I may not have completed the rest of it if you hadn’t asked. so thanks! =)

Hmmm… I want to actually go into an explanation of this. At the same time I don’t. I want folk to read and interpret as they may.

So I’ll say just one thing, yes it’s harsh. It was written as a reminder for us all, so we realize certain things that we should do, and certain things that we should avoid.

interview with noaman

the ali-marx brothers
the ali-marx brothers

So this morning we (Noaman and I) were driving to McCowan RT Station, I was driving and Noaman was on the passenger seat.

He started to sing some song, so I setup the mp3 player to record and slowly moved the player closer the source of the singing. My highly stealth like movements were quickly uncovered though… creating this moment:

[direct audio link]

So that is how the recording device was outed. Then after a bit, he started talking about some facebook group post and he slipped into a character with an accent. I clicked on the recorded and the following unscripted hilarity ensued:

[direct audio link]

I tried to, but absolutely could not maintain my composure.

This is a true story.

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