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the ali-marx brothers
the ali-marx brothers

So this morning we (Noaman and I) were driving to McCowan RT Station, I was driving and Noaman was on the passenger seat.

He started to sing some song, so I setup the mp3 player to record and slowly moved the player closer the source of the singing. My highly stealth like movements were quickly uncovered though… creating this moment:

[direct audio link]

So that is how the recording device was outed. Then after a bit, he started talking about some facebook group post and he slipped into a character with an accent. I clicked on the recorded and the following unscripted hilarity ensued:

[direct audio link]

I tried to, but absolutely could not maintain my composure.

This is a true story.

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  1. I love the ending.

    “It’s because I like to hear my own voice.”

    *rim shot*

    (btw, I so often think to myself “Damn if only we’d recorded this!” Now I swear I have to try it, even just once.)

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