Serendipity to WordPress

I converted the blog from serendipity to WordPress.

I used the S9y to WordPress Importer, although I had to modify the code a little to make the conversion go on without major errors. There was still a glitch however, the importer didn’t map a lot of the posts to the correct categories. Instead of actually fixing the code, I found it easier to just go through the posts and remap them to the correct categories. Luckily I wasn’t dealing with a whole lot of posts.

The main reason I converted is because WordPress with Akismet has much better spam blocking features. I was too lazy to look up how to make spam blocking work in s9y.

I’m going to take a little look at how plugins exactly work in WordPress. See if I can hack something together.

It’s interesting because I wouldn’t have even thought about bothering to do anything with the blog if I was working right now. Only because of the break did I bother, makes one wonder.

EDIT – I forgot to add, I totally love this wordpress theme. Courtesy of wptp. Best of all it’s valid XHTML and CSS.

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