Single train on a single track

“Single train on a single track”, this is loosely translated from Hindi and is something my grandfather said while describing me (when I was in India many months ago).

What I take from that is how one-dimensional I am. There’s nothing better than a dose of reality based on how you communicate and interact with new people. You realize how multi-dimensional people really are and how that holes you back into your single dimension.

This comes from a self-retrospective based on the Toronto Newunion 2007.

  • I’m only funny 81% of the time.
  • When you are around people who have the capacity to think, articulate and engage better than you do, just shut up and listen. (you might even learn something).

These are general notes from the day:

  • Get glasses or contacts that don’t make thing blurry. I’m wearing a trial pair of contacts and anything two feet away or more blurs out after a few seconds of viewing. This is annoying and headachy.
  • Make meaning, not money. change the world (or certain sub-sections)
  • speak in a way that you are heard, even by lurkers.
  • people on the internet are humans too
  • time passes quickly when you’re sitting down and doing nothing
  • we’re not chuckling with you, we’re chuckling at you
  • network through exchanging sharing ideas
  • Godfather and Beauty and the Beast are in the same category of movies
  • You can still get a real job if you studied English in school
  • You can have your cardboard at Future bakery, and eat it too
  • Plans are nice, but please assess risk as well

6 thoughts on “Single train on a single track”

  1. mein Gott! you pretty much wrote a summary of Newunion, Part 1! I think we have a lot of inside jokes after that and yesterday’s hanging out session, eh?

    I had an awesome time hanging out with you, and I would say, for the record, being funny 81% of the time is pretty freakin’ hella good, and you’re awesome at it. So, highfive to you!

    I think it would be pretty cool to be a ‘single train on a single track.’ I’m not very interestingly multi-dimensional myself, but I’m still enough all over the place that I’m not very good at being focused on any one thing. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

    Dammit, yaar, ESSTOP making me introspective in the morning!

    PS: network through exchanging ideas was all mine (although I said sharing ideas), and I take full credit for it. Glad you liked that one!

  2. yasmine, it was all yours. I’ve corrected the post to reflect that.

    We have way too many inside jokes… I think if we lay out all the words that trigger the inside jokes we could come up with a pretty decent paragraph that to anyone else would seem insane. 🙂

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