taare zameen par

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This is a very very very good movie, and you should see it.

There is one particular exchange in the movie that I absolutely loved, it pretty much made the movie for me.

It’s when Aamir Khan’s character is at the parent’s house and he shows the father a painting that Ishaan made.

aamir: yeh dehkiye Mr. Avasti, yeh tez dimagh hazaar khayal bol rahe hai rangoon main, aap ki aur meri khabiliyat se kahi aage
father: lekin is ka faida kya hai?
aamir: is main aap faida kyon dhoond rahe hai?

English translation [thanks iffat, I did modify it slightly to convey the context]:

aamir: look at this Mr. Avasti (holding the painting up), this bright mind is speaking a thousand thoughts through these colours, far beyond your and my (cap)abilities

father: but what use is it? (what are we getting out of it?)
aamir: why are you looking for benefit in it?

10/10 – I would give it 10 just for the above conversation, but the rest of the movie was really good too. =)

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  1. My dad was watching the movie a few days ago and I happened to glance up and see that exact scene. That’s all I saw of the movie, but I liked that bit.

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