lost thought

crap, forgot
that snap thought
in so small a moment
it got lost


This comes as a result of losing thought. I’ve written about this before.

So recently I’ve started to carry a small notepad/book with me, to jot down crazy thought as it happens. This technique, however, is not foolproof. For one thing, I haven’t tried this yet but, I know it won’t work while I am driving.

Another situation where this doesn’t work is if I forget what I was going to write as I find my notepad and pen. This is what happened in the above situation. I had a thought worthy of writing, but when pen hit paper, it got lost.

Most of the time, this thought will never come back. It is lost forever. Hmmm… but at least it lasted that one moment.

Interestingly enough, the lost thought that resulted in this came back. And yes, I wrote it down. May even share someday.

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