So maybe I stood before it a whole 7 seconds before taking it to the counter and buying it.

Today, I bought a guitar. yes.


now I need to teach myself how to guitar.

9 thoughts on “impulse?”

    multiple exclamation points!!!!!!

    seriously, buddy, i am so excited.
    i demand footoos, adnan. please please please.
    1, 2, 3, go.

    PS: don’t do this to your new guitar. =)

  2. you’re left-handed, too?
    yet another thing we coulda bonded over.

    i’m serious when i say i don’t know jack about guitars, which i why i don’t understand why you can’t just turn the guitar around the other way to play with your left-hand, without having to re-string.

    maybe once you learn how to play, you can explain all this drama.

  3. I’ll appreciate the effort if you post its picture on flickr. My youngest sister bought guitar too. Clicked few pictures with it,used them as her display picture and now its in a box under her bed.
    I hope you wouldn’t do it.

    PS: jaadu saab?!! 😀
    Does anyone else find it very amusing and remembers Koi mil gaya’s Jaadu

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