dosti ke gaane

so a whiles back Z sent me a link, it was a post by someone who listed their top 5 friendship songs. In that list there was a song from Main Hoon Na and from Mujhse Dosti Karoge. sigh…

so i figured i would make my own list. not so much of a list really, there are only two songs. i don’t need to make a list of 5 or 10 and add filler songs.

i list the songs here in no particular order:

yaari hai imaan, mera yaar meri zindagi [YouTube Link]

i love way too many things about that song video. first of all, i like how Pran hands over the instrument so he can get up and dance @ 0:30. the turning dance and drum beats @ 1:40. when Pran pulls in Amitabh to dance, Amitabh doesn’t comply at all, Pran gives him a hug, then gently “puts” him down, haha @ 2:45.

the lyrics @ 3:30, “jaan bhi jaaye agar yaari mein yaaro gham nahi, apne hote yaar ho ghamgeen matlab hum nahi”.

and pretty much the rest of the song from 4:20 onwards. all the words about laughter. “teri haseen ki kheemat kya hai bata de tu”

point to note, that in the movie, this is pretty much the only time Amitabh is seen laughing/smiling.

diye jalte hai [YouTube link]

this is a beautiful song.

that there is my list.

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