kyun hai dil khud se khafa?
kya hai naraazgi ki whajha?
jaaye to ab jaaye kahaan?
dil se kaise faasle, kaise dil se dooriyaan?

poonchta hoon khud se yeh sawaal,
par jaanta hoon kya marz hai.
dil se hoon is liye khafa,
kyun ke dil badaa khudgarz hai.

5 thoughts on “khafa”

  1. them’s just words miss, you may sum it up as you like.

    though at some level, i wasn’t really considering give or take (or want) as it pertains to the heart, but the nature with which the heart wants (takes) or gives. and how selfish that nature is. and how perhaps the heart is in a conflicted state. because selfishness is not often an attribute of the heart. and yet it feels like a selfish organ. so it doesn’t know how it should feel about itself.

    but again, they’re just words. you’re free to make them mean what you want.

  2. Janab, I was just asking purely from a limited language translation point of view. 😉 With much difficulty I attempted to decipher and understand the poem, and pleased I am with what my poor firange brain has come up with as a summary. 🙂

    But yes, the heart can be selfish. I remember when I realized that. That people who stake claim, propose, pursue, they do it all on the assumption that either it is in both parties’ best interest, or they know it is only in their own, and they don’t care.

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