might I make you laugh a little?

I don’t have too much time on my hands nowadays, but this post will prove otherwise.

The following are my renditions of “your nose”.

“Normal”: [audio:http://www.jaaduhai.com/bol/nose.mp3] [direct mp3 link]

Then, for some odd God-forsaken reason I thought I’d play a little. And this isn’t going to fool anyone, it’s as phony as a very phony thing. I hope it makes you laugh, but if you cringe I know I did my job right.

[audio:http://www.jaaduhai.com/bol/noseeng.mp3] [direct mp3 link]

And I didn’t stop there, oh no. I went ahead and did this:

[audio:http://www.jaaduhai.com/bol/naak.mp3] [direct mp3 link]

And now I have no time on my hands.

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