news blurbs

You know those 5 second blurbs, them attention grabbers that they play on the television so you watch the news the next day?

You’ll be watching a Seinfeld rerun and right before they return to the program you’ll hear:
“Is your cell phone deadly? Tune in tomorrow at 6 to find out!”

Ummm. Why don’t you tell me now? It’s just a yes or no answer. I know some folk aren’t so concerned about the general adverse affects of technology, but death is a semi-serious issue I would think. It would be nicer to find out now as opposed to later.

You buy your niece a plastic train set and then the TV in the background says:
“Are plastic toys ruining your children’s health? Find out tomorrow at 6”.

There’s an awkward moment.

I’m waiting for this one:
“Do you only have 2 hours to live? Tune in at 6 tomorrow to find out”.

So, yeah, what is up with that?

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