A friend of mine was discussing how Nostradamus predicted the World Trade Center attacks. Now I rejected this notion upon hearing it. I had done some readings on Nostradamus a few years back, and with like any other “future teller”, his predictions are so vague they can be applied almost anywhere. I refuse to fall for such traps. I refuse to accept the notion that a man centuries ago predicted it with precise accuracy. Please!!! Who’re they trying to fool?
Anyway, I found THIS ARTICLE which deals with some of these “prophecies”. Enjoy.

Another video of what the Israeli Army does. They practically shoot at anything that moves. This VIDEO shows what they did to an Egyption Cameraman who was driving in his car in Ramallah. His friend shouts out for help to no avail. He keeps shouting his name and saying “Ya Allah” (oh God!). Al-Jazeera aired the video.

Yesterday I went to a lecture at the University of Toronto Earth Sciences Auditorium. It was titled “The Logical Proof for the Existance of God”.
The lecturer William Hatcher, is a philosopher, mathamatician, and a list of other things. He has ten pages on notes which he projected on to the wall. I copied down word for word the first 8. Though the notes themselves won’t mean much to people who haven’t heard the lecture.
I’m going to scan and post up the notes sometime today.